The Awesome List of Super Nurse Blogs & Social Media Accounts to Follow

  1. 18. Awesome List of Super Nurse BlogsThe Nerdy Nurse

Being a nurse means taking a practical look at life while balancing a career. Written by Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, you’ll find posts that offer practical advice. There are also links to helpful blogging tools if you want to start your own medical blog plus access to her award-winning book.

  1. Confident Voices in Health Care

This blog is authored by Beth Boynton, who teaches communication skills to medical professionals. You’ll find more of an in-depth look at the policies and procedures used in the industry today.

  1. Nurse Barb

Written by Barb Dehn, RN MS NP, you receive practical advice from a nurse practitioner on her blog. Many items tend to focus on family health, but you’ll also find Q&A posts, personal stories, and informative guest posts that are quite informative.

  1. Nurses Association

This Twitter account is the social media platform of a national-level professional association which advocates for the rights of all RNs and the patients whom they serve. Follow them on Twitter at @ANANursingWorld.

  1. Nurse Practitioners in Business

This blog is geared more toward others who are nurse practitioners, offering vital business tips and other practical resources. It’s also a great blog to follow if you want to understand more about the decisions that get made during the care process.

  1. The Nursing Site Blog

There is 30+ years of nursing experience behind the words offered on this blog by Kathy Quan. It takes a practical look at the nursing industry as a whole, offering advice that runs the gambit from finding a job to avoiding caregiver fatigue.

  1. Digital Doorway

It’s not just women who are nurses, so guys – this blog is for you. Authored by Keith Carlson, the goal of this blog is to help nurses and readers find ways to create healthy and vibrant personal lives. Posts are inspirational, practical, and sometimes offer a unique look at challenging medical issues that patients may face today.

  1. Andrew Lopez

Follow him on Twitter at @nursefriendly. You’ll find numerous links offered to practical resources that everyone can use to take care of themselves.

  1. National Nurse

This blog tends to track legislation in the US that may affect the medical industry in some way. It encourages nurses to get active in their communities, offers contact information to local representatives and senators, and keeps everyone connected to current events. Each post promotes a call to take action in some way.

  1. Off the Charts

The American Journal of Nursing is behind this blog, offering a weekly publication with online versions that take a look at the science behind the medicine. Each post has proper referencing for the medical community to benefit, yet also remains accessible to readers who may not have any medical training whatsoever.

  1. International Nurse Support

This blog connects nurses together and encourages them to contribute their own experiences for others benefit. You’ll find practical nursing advice offered here, from managing your time effectively to tips that can help a nurse land their next job. What makes this blog stand out, however, is that many recommendations are designed to help nurses from minority or immigration backgrounds find great paying jobs in the industry.

  1. The Gypsy Nurse

This is the story of a traveling nurse with 20+ years of experience. Through personal stories and experiences, readers can find advice that helps make life easier while making new friends.

  1. Tales of a School-Zone Nurse

Nursing can take people into many different fields. School nurses are just as important as ER nurses and their stories are told on this blog. Many of the stories are from a personal perspective, shared with passion and advice, so that everyone can take care of their families in the best possible way.

  1. At Your Cervix

It can be difficult to laugh sometimes when you’re involved with the medical industry. As a nurse, you’re seeing people when they’re facing some of the most challenging times of their lives. For patients, the struggle to regain life as they know it is very real. Although this blog hasn’t been updated for a while, the existing posts are filled with laughs and that makes for some good reading material.

  1. The New Nurse Blog

One of the most challenging times when following a nursing career are those first few days when you start a new job after earning your RN or LPN. This blog offers supportive advice to help you get through those tough first days and how to solve the problems that will all too often come your way.

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