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Great Gifts for Doctors, Nurses & Medical Students


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Doctors and nurses do great things for all of us every day. Medical students are preparing themselves for a career in caregiving that can make a real difference for a future world. The reasons for giving these folks a great gift are many, but the available options are few. Instead of settling for a nice bouquet of flowers or an expensive greeting card, why not consider one of these great gifts if there is a doctor, nurse, or medical student on your list today?

The Best Chart for Gifts Intended For Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Students

Just want to pick up something quickly? Then these top-rated products are just for you. Incorporating some humor with practical applications, you’ll find that these gifts will be received with great acclaim by doctors, nurses, or medical students.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Do Not Confuse Google w/ Medical Degree Mug 4.8
Double-Matted Poem with Watercolor Graphics 4.8
Medical Gift Pen Set with Engraved Hippocratic Oath 4.4
Doctor Caduceus Asclepius MD Cufflinks 4.8
AmeriLeather Doctor's Carriage Bag 4.5
Nursing Kit with Clipboard, ID Badge Cards, & Clinical Asst. Tools 4.6
Nordic By Nature Insulated Extra Large Lunch Kit w/ Bottle Cooler 4.9
I'm a Nurse... What's Your Superpower Mug 4.5
Nurse's Prayer Pendant Necklace 4.4
Nurse Caduceus Suncatcher 4.5
Trust Me I'm Almost a Doctor Mug 4.7
USBKingdom 32GB Doctor-Shaped Flash Drive 4.4
Super Novelty Bone-Shaped Ballpoint Pens 4.7
DNA Pendant Gift Box Set 4.6
Med School In a Box 4.3
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

How Do You Want to Say “Thank You?”

Maybe the holidays are coming around and you want to include your favorite doctor or nurse on your gift list this year. Maybe there’s a graduation party coming up for a medical student in the family. Maybe you just want to offer your thanks for a job that was well done. The fact is finding a great gift for these important people in your life can be a challenging prospect. Some gifts walk the line of being inappropriate. Others look like they were mass-produced in a factory with questionable labor standards. You want something better.

A personalized gift will always be a nice touch, but maybe that’s not in your budget. You might also want to go beyond the first ideas that many people have for a gift: desk organizers, paperweights, bookends – office supplies. High-end gifts that don’t cost a fortune are possible.

If you want to purchase a general gift, then performance clothing, coffee accessories, or even golf accessories might be an option for some doctors. Nurses might like some of those as well, along with comfortable shoes that can stand up to all-day wear and tear. Medical students – well, they like money. But if you want to get them something nice, how about a gift which commemorates their accomplishment?

There are plenty of ways to say “thank you” or “great job.” We’ll help you find the right way to say it today.

Are There Any Guidelines to Gift Giving?

Many doctors and nurses actually struggle with the ethics of accepting a valuable gift from a patient as a way of saying “thanks for a job well done.” Now you won’t find many complaints about a few cookies, a fruit basket, or a similar token gift, but costly and personal gifts are a different story. That’s because doctors and nurses typically want to maintain a professional boundary with their patients and don’t want people to think that gift-giving is mandatory.

On the other hand, doctors and nurses don’t want to cause an uncomfortable situation by refusing a gift that has been offered as well.

A pragmatic model offering guidance to doctors and nurses about accepting gifts from patients was published in 2007 by the Psychiatric Times.

“There are many common scenarios where we want to say in the vast majority of cases, a gift is just a gift, but we never want to slip completely into that mentality,” said lead author David Brendel, MD, PhD. “We want to be thinking of possible exploitation and also psycho-dynamic meaning that may need to be explored in the best interest of treatment.”

Gifts should be evaluated under the context they are given. When shopping for gifts for doctors and nurses, be aware that if you’re using money that could be better spent elsewhere, you will likely be confronted with this fact by your doctor or nurse the next time they see you. As for medical students, these issues apply to a lesser degree and only then if the student isn’t part of the family or a friend at some level.

The Definition of a Great Gift: Modest Value

Many wish to thank caregivers in some way because of gratitude. According to Dr. Brendel, a gift like this should be modest in value and appropriate to the treatment that is being offered. If you’re purchasing lingerie for a therapist, that might not be your best option. The same might be said for a bottle of wine. If you’re being treated for an alcohol abuse issue, the bottle of wine is a bad idea.

A nice bottle of wine to a cardiologist who saved your life after a heart attack? Maybe that bottle of wine is fine as a gift.

If you’re not sure about whether or not the gift you are thinking about purchasing for a doctor or nurse will be accepted, then consider offering something that the whole office can enjoy. This is why gifts of food are typically offered most often.

A personal relationship with a doctor, nurse, or medical student is a different story. You know the person already. Maybe you’ve known them for years. In that situation, the gifts you’ll find here are completely appropriate in virtually any situation and will likely be highly appreciated.

The bottom line is this: try to put yourself into the shoes of the person who will be receiving a gift from you. Think about what experiences they will have when presented with the gift. Be prepared for a situation where the doctor or nurse might be too uncomfortable and politely refuse the gift.

What Are the Prices of Gifts for Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Students?

You’ll find that there are gifts at many different price points for medical professionals, which means almost any budget can afford at least a little something. Some gifts are for as little as $10. On the other end of the spectrum, you will find luxury gifts of over $100 are also gratefully accepted if the cost is within your means. Items like leather handbags, needed medical equipment, or other necessities are often gratefully accepted.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


Doctors might not make house calls like they did in the past, but that doesn’t mean a good carriage isn’t going to be appreciated. Especially this top-grain leather option, which offers three inner compartments that provide a lot of storage space. There’s a cell phone pocket, pen holders, and even a PDA case pocket. Four card slots are also included, as is a zippered security pocket for miscellaneous items. A shoulder strap detaches if carrying the bag that way is preferred. It’s a great gift for a doctor and it comes with a great price.

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This set of reference materials and assistant tools is a great gift idea for nurses and medical students. You’ll be giving four nursing school cheat sheets that are printed on high gloss cardstock that can be used as a studying aid. Testing preparation information is also included, as are ID badge cards that support up to credit card thickness. Report sheets, brain sheets, and drug card templates are also included. And how can you not love the RN Pride sticker?

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What do med students want the most? Okay – well, when money isn’t an option, we suggest coffee. More accurately, we suggest a fun coffee mug that can hold a good deal of caffeine for those late night studying sessions. We love the humor this coffee mug is able to provide, which is also microwave-safe. Just don’t throw it in a dishwasher because it might take the graphic off the front of the ceramic mug. The high gloss finish is durable, the handle comfortable, and the coffee it provides necessary.

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Nordic by Nature

When you work in the medical profession, there are days when you’re not sure when you’ll be able to get a lunch break. Instead of trying to figure out what is good at the cafeteria or springing for lunch deliveries every day, consider packing your own lunch with this neoprene insulated lunch bag that comes with a bottle holder and two can koozies. Or give it as a gift to a doctor, nurse, or medical student you know. Or buy one for them and one for you. In the long run, you’ll save money, eat better, and not have to worry about when your break shows up.

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Mr. Cuff

These cufflinks are inspired by the Caduceus Asclepius, which represents doctors the world around. It arrives in a hard-sided presentation box so damage is minimized. It adds a touch of class to a gift, but doesn’t cost a fortune like some other cufflinks or jewelry items. If you’re not sure about giving them to a doctor or medical student, there’s a 30 day return policy with no reason needed. For a simple gift of thanks, this is a nice option.

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The best gifts for doctors, nurses, and medical students will help you show your gratitude or offer your congratulations in a meaningful way. Choose the gift that seems right for your circumstances and you’ll most certainly bring a smile to someone’s face today.

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