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Student doing a hearing test at the university

Tuning forks are acoustic resonators, which means they can elicit sounds at a specific frequency. This allows medical professionals to be able to test a patient’s hearing range with reasonable accuracy, often done through the Rinne test and the Weber test. Lower frequencies can also be used to check on the peripheral nervous system of a patient and some exploration has been done with tuning forks to locate a suspected bone fracture.

Are you ready to find the best medical tuning fork for your needs today?

The Best Chart for Medical Tuning Forks

Medical tuning forks are often marketed toward alternative therapy modalities, but they also have practical medical uses as well. No matter what your needs may be, the chart below offers you the chance to compare and contrast the top-rated tuning forks in our industry today.

PictureNameOur RatingSound RangeWeightLengthPrice
LabStock Medical Style Tuning Fork 4.5
256 Hz4 ounces
7 inches
ADC Adult Tuning Fork 3.7
512 Hz
3.2 ounces
6.5 inches
Medivibe Technology 4 pack Tuning Forks 4.8
512 Hz
7.2 ounces
7.7 inches
ADC Adult Tuning Fork c128 3.9
128 Hz
8 ounces
8 inches
Tuning Fork 5 pack by Vetmed USA 3.8
2048 Hz
14.4 ounces
PictureNameOur RatingSound RangeWeightLengthPrice

Why You Need the Best Medical Tuning Forks

Medical tuning forks are used to test a patient’s vibration sense. In medical school, this is done as part of the neurological exam. It’s also done to test hearing, but only three frequencies are typically recommended for use: C128, C256, and C512. In medical school, students may not even need the C256 tuning fork.

Many medical students note that you won’t need to have these tuning forks except for the second year of medical school. This means you need something that is reliable, yet still affordable, since these tools may not ever be used again – depending on the medical specialty you’re choosing.

They are fairly useful in the diagnostic process of diabetic neuropathy in particular. This is because in most patients suffering from this condition, the vibratory sense is the first thing to go. Recognizing this can lead to a fast diagnosis and a more effective treatment plan.

Some medical students and professionals have musical experience and may have used tuning forks in the past to tune their instruments. Although the design is similar to medical tuning forks, the frequencies of tuning are usually not the same. It is usually a good idea to purchase at least the C128 and C512 tuning forks to administer the tests for which these tools are designed.

Should I Purchase a Set of Medical Tuning Forks?

Some medical tuning forks are offered individually so that a specific need can be fulfilled. There are also sets of medical tuning forks that are offered today. It is these that are typically marketed toward alternative forms of medicine practitioners. The benefit of purchasing a full set is that you’ll be able to test whatever frequencies are necessary for a patient diagnosis. The disadvantage is that some tuning forks may never be used.

Sets also tend to have a lower cost per item then purchasing each medical tuning fork individually. Check your school requirements, think about what your practice may need, and you’ll know whether or not a set of tuning forks is the right investment to make.

What Are the Prices of Medical Tuning Forks?

Most medical tuning forks are priced in the $10-$20 range. Depending on their composition and branding, some prices may exceed $50. Sets will typically be in the $50-$100 range. For most medical students looking to purchase a C128 and C512, the cost will usually be in the $15-$30 range.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


With a 256 Hz frequency, this medical tuning fork has been machined from solid hardened steel to make sure you always receive a maximum amount of energy. It’s useful for hearing loss tests and some may find it useful for testing to find bone fractures as well. The length is good at 7 inches overall and the 0.75 inch diameter makes it easy to bring this tuning fork with you to school or work – whatever you need. It’s not intended for holistic healing, of course, but this tuning fork gets the job done.

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This adult tuning fork offers you a small, but effective solution for those moments when you need to administer an exam. It’s been made from a non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, so durability isn’t an issue with this product. Tuned for 512 Hz, we found the composition of this tuning fork made it feel a lot lighter than the steel tuning forks that dominate the market. The handle is the right length and we could get it to ring for about 15-20 seconds at a time.

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This is the set of medical tuning forks you’ll want to have if you conduct hearing tests on a regular basis, facilitate bone tests, or are about to enter your second year of medical school. All of the primary frequencies are included with this set, though it is missing the C128 if you need a low frequency item. It’s also great to have these around for modern STEM projects that kids have in school today and all of the handles are 2.5 inches in length. They are loud, they resonate true, and we loved having them around.

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ADC w/ Weight

This C128 medical tuning fork has an added weight at the end to produce a longer and smoother sound at the lower frequencies. Produced from a 3/8 inch x 1 inch bar, you’ll find that it creates a superior performance and consistent frequency accuracy. Made from aluminum instead of steel, it’s a surprisingly lightweight item as well, though we did find that it was a little more susceptible to scratching than some other available models. All in all, however, this is a good price for a good medical tuning fork.

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Just because the product is marketed toward veterinarians doesn’t mean there aren’t other medical applications that this set of tuning forks can be used toward. Offering C128, C256, C512, C1024, and C2048 tuning forks, a free velvet case is also included with purchase. The frequencies could hold a bit better in our opinion, but for an affordable set, we found the value was right for what we received during the testing period.

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The best medical tuning forks will help you get through school or provide the right testing for patients so you can get your next assignment or caregiving task completed. Find your preferred option today at the right price and you’ll be able to check one more equipment item off of your list.

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