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5. Best Reflex Hammer

It was always kind of fun to have your knee hit with a reflex hammer by the doctor growing up. A little tap and BOOM you’re trying to kick the doctor. Even if you tried your best not to kick, it was still going to happen. Knowing how to find the best reflex hammer for your practice or for medical school means finding a balanced, somewhat heavy hammer that will let you tap a tendon without pain. This guide will help you find that reflex hammer.

The Best Chart for Reflex Hammers

Reflex hammers come with a few different styles, lengths, and hammer design variations. Which one is going to be right for you? The chart below offers top-rated options for you to consider today.

PictureNameOur RatingWeightLengthWarrantyPrice
MDF Tromner Neurological Reflex Hammer 4.6
1.6 ounces
12 inches
ADC Taylor Neuro Hammer 4.4
1.8 ounces
8 inches
MDF Queen Square Neurological Reflex Hammer 4.1
4.5 ounces
13.8 inches
Pedia Pals Dino Reflex Hammer 4.0
2.4 ounces
6 inches
MDF Babinski Neurological Reflex Hammer 4.1
3.2 ounces
24.4 inches
PictureNameOur RatingWeightLengthWarrantyPrice

Why Do You Need a Reflex Hammer?

In medical school, there’s always that one person who figured out how to check reflexes with their stethoscope. Some are so good that they can tap a tendon with their fingers to get a reflex response. For the rest of us, we need a high quality medical instrument to test the deep tendon reflexes that indicate neurological health. This is where the reflex hammer comes into play.

Some designs are more effective than others in eliciting a needed response. A non-latex hammer is always going to be your preferred option. You’ll also want to use the least amount of force possible to generate a response. Using the force of gravity from about 12cm is sufficient enough for weighted hammers, while loosely swinging tomahawk or Taylor unweighted hammers between the thumb and forefinger is suitable enough.

And don’t be that one doctor or student who keeps whacking a patient when the response doesn’t come as expected. Some people don’t have the same type of reflex when the tendon or muscle is tapped.

How to Find the Best Reflex Hammer for Me

Each reflex hammer is designed for a specific purpose. This is because it is important to match the contacting surface of the hammer, which is generally either a small or broad tip, to the size of the muscle or tendon that is being tested. Many reflex hammers will offer both tips so you have a maximum level of versatility, but this is not always the case. Using a broad tip on a small impact point will not generally give you the needed result.

This is why it is important to look at the actual head design of the hammer. You may benefit from purchasing a Queen Square reflex hammer or a weighted hammer. You might want an unweighted hammer. You might want to have both. As long as you can accurately test the stretch receptors, then you’ll have found the reflex hammer that is right for you.

What Are the Prices of Reflex Hammers?

You’ll find many reflex hammers tend to be priced around the $10 mark. These are generally suitable for some general needs, but may not meet every patient or educational requirement you have. Premium reflex hammers can be priced at or above $40, but could also be the last reflex hammer you need to purchase this decade.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


This is a high quality reflex hammer that is going to give you the versatility that you need. The pointed tip handle is nice for the superficial and cutaneous responses you may need for an exam. The dual-sided head has a modern look to it, with two different impact sizes, allowing you to check abdominal and plantar reflexes in addition to muscle stretch reflexes. The balance is nice, it’s almost effortless to use, and is designed to provide greater levels of patient comfort. We loved testing this product out and think it would make a great addition to your current equipment.

Click here to view the price on Amazon and find a great deal.

ADC Taylor

This is your standard reflex hammer. It also has a pointed handle for other responses, so it can get the job done. Although it’s not really a high tech piece of equipment, it is a necessary tool for medical school and general/specialty practices, and the price is perfect for an easy purchase. One word of warning: the reflex hammer you purchase may have a sharper end than you want to have – dulling the point a little will relieve any anxiety you have about using this product with a patient.

Click here to view the price on Amazon and find a great deal.

MDF Queen Square

We liked the longer handle that is on this particular reflex hammer. The head design is also unique, more like a stethoscope bell in shape than a traditional hammer. The head is also made from a soft silicone, which reduces patient discomfort when it is being used. The disc is chrome-plated for some extra wear and the balance and weight of the hammer is right where it should be. It also comes with a grip that can be removed if you prefer.

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Pedia Pals

When kids come to visit the doctor, they can have a lot of apprehension. Doctors are often associated with shots – so who wants to have a needle stuck in an arm, a leg, or elsewhere? Exactly. The Pedia Pals set of reflex hammers, including this fun dinosaur version, can help set a child’s mind at ease and double as a way to test reactions as well. It’s easy to clean, so you can let the kids chew on it as you get your work done or talk with the parents. Use it as a toy. Use it as a hammer. It even clips to your pocket or shirt if you want.

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MDF Babinski

This is another option from MDF that uses one of their newer designs. Using a round head instead of a triangular one, the pointed tip is included for superficial responses. The weighted chrome-plated brass handle is balanced so you can control the percussion force and at 8 inches in length, you’ve got plenty of room to operate. The head can unscrew and the red plastic tip at the end of the handle are nice additions. Just make sure the hammer head is on tight before using it – there are reports of it coming off which we can see happening if you take the reflex hammer apart to carry it around.

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The best reflex hammer reviews will help you find the right way for you to test reflexes and reactions or practice how to do so in medical school. Get your preferred model today and the small investment you make will hopefully give you years of benefits down the road.

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