The Super List of Awesome Doctor Blogs & Social Media Accounts to Follow

  1. Physicians for a National Health Program

This blog is designed to connect the public with doctors. There is news offered about health care programs, activist news, and policies within the industry. This organization has 25+ years of experience and nearly 20,000 members who contribute to the blog.

  1. Kevin MD

Founded by Kevin Pho, this medical blog features work from nearly 1,000 different contributors. Daily updates are often cited by media sources. It’s currently headed by MedPage Today.

  1. 33 Charts

This is the blog of Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, who happens to be a pediatric gastroenterologist at Texas Children’s Hospital. The focus of his posts tend to revolve around how social media and modern medicine can work together to improve health care.

  1. Mothers In Medicine

This blog is dedicated to the mothers who are trying to take care of their families as they practice in the medical field. Medical tips, parenting tips, and Q&A sessions tend to be the most popular posts on this Blogger site.

  1. db’s Medical Rants

Updated by Dr. Robert Centor, this blog covers topics from the overall health system to medical education to pharmaceutical concerns. It’s updated 1-3 times per week on average and offers practical advice to patients and physicians alike.

  1. The Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor

If you like to look on the brighter, funnier side of life, then this is the awesome doctor blog for you to follow. Posts tend to cover the medical training process more than anything else, so it’s a fun place to get to know more about the people who have chosen the medical industry as their career choice.

  1. Doctor Grumpy

This blog takes a look at some of the crazier things that happen in the medical industry from a persons point of view. Take a post from June 24, 2016 – “I’m so behind on the new drugs,” posts the author. The name of the drug? Topiramatetylonalasprin.

  1. The Blog of Dr. Pierre

What is interesting about this blog is that it is mostly personal stories from Dr. Pierre’s work as a primary care physician. This puts you into the shoes of a doctor, going through the job of managing a practice. There’s also an extensive set of health care links provided on the site so you can link up to other resources that you may need.

  1. Doctor Wes

Maintained by Dr. Westby Fisher, you’ll find a series of commentaries, current event posts, and links to articles. As a cardiologist and internist, Dr. Wes has a truly unique perspective on the medical industry as a whole, letting readers understand some of the more intricate processes that tend to happen behind the scenes.

  1. Harvard Podcasts

These podcasts take you behind the scene of one of the top medical schools in the US. What makes them interesting is their focus on innovation and research within the industry. Biomedicine tends to be a popular topic, plus there are interviews from key personnel and analysis discussions that don’t involve so much lingo that you can’t understand what is being said.

  1. The Common Sense Family Doctor

A lot of things happen in the medical industry that don’t always make sense. This blog takes a forthright look at these incidents, discusses them with great detail, and then offers a meaningful solution so that changes can occur.

  1. Dr. Mike Sevilla

You might know him as “Doc Anonymous.” Follow him on Twitter at @drmikesevilla.

  1. Medicine and Other Stuff

This is more of a personal blog, but offered from the perspective of an OB-GYN. There are several stories offered in post format that really let you see what life is like in this profession. What is unique about this blog is that although the stories are quite personal, the doctor involved remains very private, sharing only minor details about who she is.

  1. BMJ Journals

These podcasts take a practical look at how doctors can actually use the information they collect. There are also research updates discussed in these audio files, sometimes with high levels of technicality. One of their top podcasts offered (at the time of writing) was “Automated brain volumetrics in MS, plus migraine and psychiatric co-morbidities.” The audio files can be directly accessed from the site as well – a definite bonus.

  1. Dr. Val Jones

Dr. Val has numerous content partners, including the CDC and The American College of Physicians. Follow her at @drval on Twitter.

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